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De Geus Publishers was the first Dutch publisher with a keen eye on litarary talent in the modern multi-cultural society. In the mid 80’s de Geus published work of the Turkish dutchmen Halil Gür. Later a number of succesfull debuts from Kader Abdolah, Yasmine Allas, Vamba Sherif and Veronica Toumanova followed. De Geus interprets the term ‘multicultural’ broadly.

In the world it’s not only about North and South, East and West are equally important. De Geus brings literature from all over the world within the reach of Dutch and Belgian readers. Novels and stories in more then 20 languages, from over 50 countries adorn the fund list. In addition, de Geus in recent years also strongly profiled itself as publisher of Dutch talent.

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De Geus Publishers

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