Whether you need packaging or want to work on your visual identity: good design starts with a solid brand strategy. Do you have your brand’s positioning and identity clearly outlined? We’d love to base our designs on that. Even if you’re unsure or lack a coherent brand document, you can turn to us. With the assistance of our partner, brand strategist Robert Essenstam, we’ve got you covered. Through a structured process of a few steps, he guides you and your colleagues to the compelling and distinctive story of your brand. Feel free to ask us for a non-binding proposal anytime. We’ll explain with Robert how we approach such matters.

Identity driven positioning
Certainly, we dive deep into exploring your offerings, the market dynamics, your audience, and competitors. Yet, in this vibrant journey, it’s your unique identity that charts your course. Robert champions 23plusone, crafting brands around emotional connections. It’s about embracing values, infusing your company’s culture with warmth. A feeling resonating with both customers and co-workers, a mirror reflecting their essence. For, in the end, according to Peter Drucker, ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’.

Hope is not a strategy

Collaborative approach
Determining your positioning and identity is a collaborative journey. After all, it’s your brand, and consensus is key. Robert harnesses your own expertise, experiences, and perspectives, complementing them with his expert, impartial insight. He guides you hand in hand, illuminating the path forward

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Partner in Business
FC Kluif – A collab between Kluif and State of Football

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Fatboy – The birth of the Cooper Cappie

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Jheronimus Bosch 500 – Putting a city on the map