ASML – Van Gogh truck

In 2019, the Van Gogh Museum started with a long-term collaboration with the Dutch high-tech multinational ASML, in which state-of-the-art technology and Van Gogh’s quest for light and color are central.

An important part of the Van Gogh Museum’s mission is the management and preservation of the collection. ASML will support the museum with (research into) this conservation, so that future generations can also be reached and inspired by the life and work of Vincent van Gogh and his contemporaries.

In Nuenen, the short-lived residence of Van Gogh in Brabant, ASML is supporting the Vincentre museum with the construction of a light laboratory, where children and adults can gain experience with light. Visitors can discover what light is and how Van Gogh experimented with it in his paintings.

Studio Kluif has been a supplier to ASML in the field of graphic design and communication for a number of years. Where it mostly concerns internal communication, in this case it was responsible for an eye-catching design.

To emphasize the relationship with the Vincentre and the Van Gogh Museum, one of the ASML trucks is decorated with an image of the portrait of Van Gogh. The portrait is placed on a graphical grid that is characteristic of the technology that ASML makes possible; producing ever smaller and more complex computer chips by means of lithograph. That “controlling” of light, to which both ASML and Van Gogh give their own interpretation, is reinforced by the text “The Art of Mastering Light”.