Cheers Kluif!

Studio Kluif will develop the new identity and communication for Durs, the city brewery of Arnhem.

Durs Beer is brewed and bottled in Arnhem. Good beer with a smile! Durs pays tribute to the water of Arnhem. The Sint-Jansbeek is central to this.

The city was founded on this stream. There were several breweries along the streams early as the 13th century. They used the water from the stream to brew beer.

The whole city enjoyed that. In Arnhem beer was important. To allow the city to grow, the stream beneath the city disappeared. Now it is above ground again, it separates north from south and the citizens of Arnhem move around it. Durs honors the stream, the Arnhem water. The water that belongs to the city, connects the city. At Durs they give the water color, they season it and drink it until they can’t anymore! Thirsty?