Dutch Head premium Rum

Studio Kluif is excited to share our collaboration with Dutch Head Premium Rum and Berlin Packaging. The customer was looking for a special and luxurious packaging, a real collector’s item, able to match the values of the product. Berlin Packaging worked with the customer to bring the requests to life.

The objective was the design of a lion’s head, a great challenge for the team! Berlin Packaging succeeded in overcoming the technical limitations and complexity of the form to create a unique and unforgettable bottle. Every detail of this item has been meticulously studied. Together with the customer, the Berlin Packaging team refined this design, till it was exactly as desired. And all this in a very short time frame!

Studio Kluif has developed the packaging around the bottle. A beautifully made hardwood box with a gold inlaid scratch of a lion’s claw. The inside of the luxurious chest is upholstered with specially developed African fabrics. Cheers!

Dutch Head® Premium Rum name refers to the origin and the distillation process of their rum.  The distillation of rum can be done in four different phases: the foreshot, heads, hearts and tails. While most rums don’t add the heads, Dutch Head did and that’s what makes the taste even more complex and special. The peculiarity of ‘heads’ is that, being at the initial stage of distillation and thus at lower temperatures, they give rise to a lighter alcohol with stronger fruity and floral aromas.