Studio Kluif new HEMA design agency!

Studio Kluif has once again been selected to work for HEMA. HEMA and Studio Kluif have a long history. In 2002 Studio Kluif was ‘at the cradle’ of the (then) new HEMA. For more than a decade, Studio Kluif has developed one packaging concept after another for HEMA. Eye-catching packaging that has won many international design awards.

A period of less intensive cooperation followed. Fortunately, we remained fans of each other and we never lost touch.

HEMA’s recently developed brand strategy must be put into practice. We are proud to announce that Studio Kluif can once again be ‘at the cradle’ of the future HEMA. The Kluif team is currently working on several projects. To be continued!

HEMA (formerly an acronym for Hollandsche Eenheidsprijs Maatschappij Amsterdam) is a chain of department stores originally in the Netherlands. The retail chain has almost 700 branches. Most stores are located in the Netherlands. Other countries with branches are Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and France. The department store is characterized by the range of products for daily use and an assortment that is almost entirely produced exclusively for HEMA.