Finnish top brand Männistö

Männistö was founded by Andu Männistö, an upcoming Finnish designer who is passionate about bringing the beauty of Finnish nature into people’s homes. The brand’s name is inspired by the Finnish word “männikkö,” which means “a pine
forest,” reflecting the brand’s commitment to using natural materials in their products.

From the beginning, Männistö has been dedicated
to creating high-quality kitchen and tableware that
combines traditional Finnish design with contemporary aesthetics. The brand’s products are inspired by the simplicity and functionality of traditional Finnish homes, where kitchen and dining areas are the heart of the home.

Männistö’s product line features a range of kitchen
and tableware items, including plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery, all made from sustainable materials such as wood, glass, and ceramic. Each product is carefully crafted by skilled Finnish artisans who take pride in creating beautiful and functional pieces that will last a lifetime.

Studio kluif has developed the design and 360 degree communication for Männistö.