HEMA – Shipping boxes

HEMA’s best selling store is their webshop. Many thousands of online HEMA orders are sent every day.

On each box are a series of words that fit the routine of daily life. Getting up, taking a shower, having breakfast, drinking coffee, traveling, working, having lunch, etc. The day starts with getting up and ends with going to bed. With each word, a letter has been replaced by an icon that depicts the word. All icons represent products from the HEMA range. The shipping boxes show in a clear, iconic way that the HEMA range can provide you with the right product all day long. Whatever you need, HEMA has it for you!

HEMA would like to contribute to a sustainable planet. HEMA has chosen to produce the boxes in many sizes. This prevents air from being transported. The HEMA shipping boxes are printed with only 1 print run, the recognizable HEMA red, on unbleached FSC-certified cardboard. There are also nice reuse tips on the box!