Intratuin – Outdoor animal packaging range

Intratuin green center can call itself market leader in the Netherlands. Almost everyone knows Intratuin in the Netherlands, 97 percent to be exact. Intratuin has a market share of 30 percent in garden centers and 9 percent in the whole garden industry.

Intratuin’s private label offers a wide range of garden wildlife products. Think of birdhouses, insect hotels, bird food products, feeders and more.
The Intratuin garden wildlife range is extensive and consists of many different types of packaging. It also consists of a changing range with many ‘in-out’ products.

The assignment from Intratuin was to develop a simple concept. Easy, flexible and quickly applicable to many products. But of course with the right wildlife atmosphere! The design team developed a simple but effective concept. The basis of the design consists of a pattern that is made up of natural elements, matching the garden wildlife world. The gray band in which the typography and other relevant information is positioned is part of Intratuin’s Private Label design. The packaging line has been given a natural positive gift appearance.

Let the spring begin!