Nedap – Annual report for 2008

The theme of this annual report is ‘Endless Energy’. The report has a transparent sleeve with thin black lines. Taking off the sleeve results in a great effect, the images on the cover start moving!

The earth is bursting at the seams with energy, sometimes literally, as in the case of volcanoes. Energy is also available in massive quantities: coal, brown coal, oil, gas, wood, hydropower and nuclear energy are the bestknown examples. And what to think of the energy in the universe, the power packed in heavenly bodies such as the sun? But there may be an even more vital form of energy, the energy locked up within people themselves. This is the energy that powers a company; the energy that is needed to kick-start initiatives, motivate change and get people moving. The energy that drives other energies. This report approaches the energy theme from all possible angles. ‘Endless Energy’ made with endless energy!

Winner Best Dutch Annual Report 2009
Winner Silver European Design Awards 2010
Finalist NY Festivals 2010