Platinum Pentaward 2013 + Nominations ADCN member and professional jury 2014 – Jheronimus packaging range

jHEROnimus is a brand of household products (pillows, dishes, vases, decorative objects, etc.) inspired by the works of the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516), known for his work in the quirky, mystical, surreal and disconcerting style.

Studio Kluif was inspired by the great painter to create a range of packaging which presents products in the distinctive atmosphere of Bosch’s paintings. Here however, this style is expressed in a contemporary way through photography, bridging the gap between a rich cultural past and a promising future.

Platinum Pentaward 2013
Nomination ADCN prize member jury 2014
Nomination ADCN prize professionals jury 2014

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